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Originally Posted by Simon290 View Post
Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is the advantage of having an aluminum or graphite powder on your BB? Just for sniper 'marking' or does the powder act like a solid lubricant in the barrel? Or for the weight, which'd make no sense to me seeing as these are .30s or .36s and they make much heavier weight BBs without any additives.

All I can foresee from the powder is a dirty barrel and hop-up.
All it really does is that, dirty and slick up the barrel and hop up. For the purpose, I dont' know really why graphite coating is applied to some 0.36g BBs, I'm thinking it's to build up and cover imperfections in the BB surface. As for what the heavier ones like Straight makes are made for, is high powered steel sillhouette shooting in Japan, without any hop up, just straight barrel.... according to legend anyways.
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