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Okay kids, now where is the love? But seriously, CanadianM4? You are not going to make it very far here I don't think, with that attitude, and I am new to this thread, like, literally 2 minutes ago from now. I think you have the answer that you wanted, right?

But, everyone else...Why argue with the kid? I saw someone say something about the JG M4...How do you know what model it is...Other than CanadianM4 said that it was plastic, which, why yes, would made it the crappy model. I love my JG though...Was a b**** to get in metal though...Tokyo Marui metals are purchasable in China Town/Kensington market is where I think that I got mine CanadianM4. It will run you some $, but like (I can't remember his name) said, you just basically wasted about $100 to go towards something like the metal JG, Classic Army, Echoe 1 (which you, CanadianM4 has mentiones), or Tokyo Marui.
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