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Originally Posted by CanadianM4 View Post
Stop assuming something is good because it compares to another shitty gun. In comparison to a lot of name brand stuff, JG still lacks in a lot of...

Im going to stop you right there. It was a starter gun, and sorry, I did not read the rest of your post, nor do I care to. But, I got it as a starter gun...So, yes, my fault, maybe I should of clarified:As a starter gun, why are they so looked-down uppon? JG is a shitty gun...? Wow, really? Oh...I guess the reviews and quality were wrong? Maybe I should have spend $600 not $300...Thanks!

Your ignorance is going to your fault on this site.

I never said anything in relation to purchasing starter guns, so that was totally out of the blue. For AEG's, I started out using a crappy CA M15a4 sportsline. (I had purchased a classic army m24 spring rifle as my first gun, was young and way over my head)

Now I own a fully upgraded G&G AK47 that shoots true.

But what i'm trying to say is, JG guns aren't really something to compare to with quality at all. You're trying to compare something of shitty quality with another thing of sub-standard quality. You're underage, and simply haven't experienced half, if not a fraction of what people know here. There have been people involved in this sport on this site before you popped out of your mothers crotch.

So please. Rather than trying to challenge every member on this site, sit back and learn what you can and be less hostile. The userbase here on ASC will give respect if they receive it. Acting like a whiny little kid (We have put up with thousands of them before you, a lot of them have gotten the same treatment as you had here) will get you nowhere.

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