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FPS limits are set to have 1 joule at impact at a set distance.

350fps is for CQB, since it give you about 1 joule at 10 fts using .20g.
1 joule is the standard energy rating used to set minimum engagement distance. At 1 joule, BB impact sting but don't break the skin. Over 1 joule, they can make a bleeder.

So, depending on the field you play on, you could set the fps limit higher. But for general safety reason, it's capped at 400fps for AEG and 450fps for bolt action sniper rifle.

400fps (chronied with 0.20g) will give you 1.49j impact at 20 fts using 0.25g BBs.

The general rule is, the heavyer the BB, the more energy it transfer to its target on impact.

I don't want to get deeper than that, since it has been discussed in dept already.

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