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Stop assuming something is good because it compares to another shitty gun. In comparison to a lot of name brand stuff, JG still lacks in a lot of ways, so you're not experiencing much with what you have. Compared to actual airsoft gun brands (Namely Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, G&P and the like) that clearsoft shit won't even compare in any sense. Try and game that plastic thing for a solid day, The battery will crap out, the gearbox will crack, gears will strip, wiring will just fuck up. The JG? Might last a while, but you're not getting much out of it.

Walmart crap is simply not worth the money you paid, that hundred you wasted could've been saved for something of actual worth.

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So that means blood = good quality?
He plays paintball, I mean, srsly, pain makes teh sport lololol
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