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If you've ever actually played a full day's game with a Walmart gun, you'll soon find out why.

Backyard plinking does not a good gun make.

Please lurk moar.
Lol, I have played a full days game with one, it HAS jammed. I use my JG for crying out loud, READ! I just mean for what ever small use, it is fine. I would prefer to put in new durable parts, and I already said what it is made out of (this is directed to everyone)...ABS plastic the same as my JG...? Sounds kind of funny/weird/ironic doesn't it? Well then, I guess I will just quit airsoft forever, even though the guy that told me to "just stop" or something like that and "its going to break"...4 months of use has done me well!

But now, quite seriously, how do I close my account?
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