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Why are these guns so bad?

Okay, so I have this question...Why are Wal-Mart guns so bad? I mean, the most expensive ($100 + tax). Like I said, I have a JG, and now you peoples are just going to say "stick with the JG...ANYTHING from Wal-Mart Sucks!)...Well, I BEG TO DIFFER!!!

Their BBs (Ultrasonic .20 gram Jet Plack Seameless Polished BBs) are actually pretty good! But, I have a DPMS Panther Arms "Field Duty Kid" that came with a "Colt MK IV Series 80"...(Their spring pistols sucks! Other Than their Double-Eagle, again the most expensive spring pistol gun...But I would put it up against any expensive spring pistol...But there are none...So lulz).

But, last time I checked, it is made out of ABS plastic, has a metal barrell, and the hop-up access is still the same as my JG or the "Echoe's". Yes, the internals are plastic, does not jam! It shoots around 303fps with .20 gram BBs, but I think it clocks out more at like 340 (don't ask me how, but my Wal-Mart, most powereful gun at the time, shoots 315fps, but my Wal-Mart M4 shoots at about 303fps, but yet, it broke my skin...Yes...shot in the same area, that I have been shot literally 7 times in before, BROKE MY SKIN! Yes, oh yes, there was blood! Which leads me to believe that it is an under-estimate that Wal-Mart gave the gun!

The thing is accurate as hell, and so far, in short term durability, and performance, it levels out just about with my "JG". Quality might be a different story because of the internals, but so far, NO PROBLEM! .

The thing shoots like a beast, like I said broke my skin, and I was bleeding, but the RPM is fast...Like my JG.

I have gotten "flamed" and "trolled" on other boards on other sites, but I have be-friended some of the people, and ironically, they said that they use Wal-Mart guns.

The only thing that is not good about my gun, which doesn't matter, because its fits me PERFECTLY, is that it does not have a retractible stock.


NiCad Battery-7.2v
303fps with .20 gram BBs (read what I said before)
ABS plastic
25/25 accurace (which like I said, I thought it was a "gimmic", but suprisingly is true, because they rate some of their other guns 10/25 or 18/25 accuracy)
And the RPM, I am not sure of, but is about the same as my JG...or just equally as fast.
Adjustable "hop-up" system.
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