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the KSC G19 is arguably the best Airsoft sidearm out there. Shoots well, great build quality to it (surpasses ANY other glock on the market aside from other KSC Glocks). Basically its a remarkable performer. However, this didn't translate as much to their G17 when compared to the TM G17. i personally am a KSC fan. i like their ease of hop-up adjustment over the TM (TMs you have to take off the slide and barrel to adjust it) and i like the feel of the gun on KSCs over TM (feel like the real deal with regards to KSC). but, TM G17 is an amazing performer. Everyone i have talked to about say its a tac driver. In terms of authenticity, it looks more realistic, what with trades and all. ultimately, you cant go wrong with either one you choose. if you cant decide, go with whatever is cheaper.
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