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I've used Superlube to lube entire AEG's. It's too thick for GBB/NBB guns though. While you can use it for most AEG's, you're better off using specific types of lube for various parts. Kinda of like you could use engine oil in a manual transmission (in some anyway), but proper gear oil will work much better.

A list of what I've used for several years in AEG's and they work very well.

Superlube: Piston Oring, piston and cylinder piston rails, tappet plate, nozzle, piston and spring guide ball bearings.

Super O Lube (different from Superlube, much thicker): Cylinder head. Use mostly on highly upgraded guns for a better seal. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but seems to do some better sealing at higher FPS.

Locktite White Lithium grease: All gears, gear bearings and bushings, antireversal latch, trigger.

10 weight Silicone shock oil: light coating on the trigger switch slide, hopup bucking/sleeve assembly. Use the odd time on the safety switch.
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