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Originally Posted by pawscal View Post
After not being able to find superlube anywhere in barrie I gave up. For those of you who do not know what the hell superlube is, its a syntetic based lube that contains PTFE and is probalby the best AEG gearbox gear and piston/cylinder head lube available. You can use it everywhere in a gearbox and wont turn grungy looking like lithuim grease.

Anyways the stuff is pretty hard to find but today I was wandering trough the parts department of my dads GM dealer when I spot this tube of AC delco syntetic lube, it looked exactly like the 3 oz tubes superlube comes in. I tore off the packageing to find super lube written under it.

So if your looking for the stuff go to your local GM dealer and ask for part #10953437

Retails for 13$ a tube, one tube should last you a pretty long time too
If you want something "all purpose", this is it. works well on everything, metal, rubber and plastic!
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