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Originally Posted by Battery View Post
The Broxa isn't crap. Its a good gun for the price. For 140$ you get a solid gun. A couple of my buddies have them and they arn't bad at all. Its got a close rate of fire to the ICS M4A1. The plastic is ABS, and theres no real bad performance issues with it. Its got good range, good speed and good accuracy.
Just because it's an ok airsoft gun for $140 price tag doesn't mean it's not a shitty gun.

Like Outlaw said.. a lot n00bs seem to mistake the experienced players adversion to lower end guns as elitism. It's because we've handled, gamed, and worked on them, and compared to the higher end ones we've also handled, gamed, and worked on, the lower end ones are crap. Sure, it's cheap and affordable crap, but still crap.

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