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Originally Posted by msdtyu1 View Post
my plan is im going to get a tm (not shure which one) then every thing else so i know it will work. Also can i just use regular saftey glasses or is there better?

Thanks again for all the advice you guys dont have any idea how much it helps me.
ps if refering to me you dont have to write msdtyu1 you could just write msd il get it.
TM is very reliable internally, the internals will literally last you decades. The externals are unforunately all abs plastic and as mentioned not as sturdy as some of the full metal brands. For a first gun I personally would recomend a lightly upgraded Classic Army if you have the funds for it. As to the actuall model, since all airsoft guns work basically the same internally, how it looks like on the outside doesn't really matter and is entirely up to yourself. That said, the AK47/74, the M16/M4 and the mp5 are the three most common models and thus the ones easiest to get accessories and upgrades for.

As to goggles. Some informal places will let you use properly rated shop goggles. But any professional or semi-professional place will require paintball or balistic goggles. And honestly, you don't want to cheap out on the eye protection. Anything that is properly rated will stop bb's but if you cheap out they'll fog, they'll scratch, they'll basically all-round suck. Check with your local fields. Some of them demand paintball goggles for insurence purposes. If they don't then get balistic goggles like ESS: comfortable, won't fog at all, and are rated to stop double aught buckshot at twenty feet so they'll stop bbs without so much as a scratch. For comfort if nothing else, the two things you should definitely not cheap out on are eye protection and footwear.
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