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Just besure to note that the products made usually are meant for WA/WOC not AGM, some parts is not a direct drop in. Eg Stock tube, there's the WA/WOC/Prime/Firearms and there's the AGM unique, same with reciever there's couple of factions: WA & WOC, Prime, Inokatsu, AGM, King Arms. Not sure if Classic Army are unique or not.

Besides, it makes me wonder why people are still getting a AGM when JG has a better option with less problems. But for me I'd still vouch for a WOC (Recommand CQBR due to barrel length is all the same)as it gives 380 fps. If you want a more durable one, get Prime which means you have to build it ground up. And probably in the end for a really really abusivable you're gonna have to replace everything except the internal moving parts with firearms stuff.
JG copied WA and left a plastic body. Same problems as WA. With the AGM you already have a full metal base gun.

Theirs not much to do... get a AGM, buy a Pro-Arms nozzle and a Ra-Tech NPAS tool set, total is like $100 shipped to you and your AGM is fully gamable. If you want to spend a bit more, buy a G&P hop up + tightbore and your completely set for $500-$600 less than a WE, half the price than a Inokatsu.

But to each their own, its all about how much you want to spend. AGM just shows you do NOT need to spend +$1000 to get a gamable full metal GBBR.
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