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Who knows what was going through the guy's mind. It shows that minors are not the only problem demographic when it comes to the misuse of airsoft and/or airguns. The article didn't specifically say it was an airsoft or airgun but did mention that "The replica gun did not have an orange cap on the barrel, as required by state and federal law". Whether or not it was 1 of our toys, it still has an ill-effect on our sport.
"Hey I'm the first one to say its a great country but its a straaaaange culture. This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards but not a list of CRIMINALS and MANIACS. And now they're thinking of banning toy guns...AND THEY'RE GONNA KEEP THE F**KING REAL ONES!"
-George Carlin 1937 - 2008 (RIP buddy)
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