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Alarming development in NY

I don't know if there was a thread here a month ago when this happened or not. I tried to find one but could not. If there was then delete this one.

Anyway, today I was on HSA and saw that they were having some "legal problems" with the State of New York. I did a little research and found that they were not raided or anything, but that a general law banning replicas in NYS that had been ignored was now going to be enforced. Apparently the NY Attorney General has issued cease and desist orders to 100 companies telling them not to ship black(realistic) guns to NYS.

I guess HeadlessChicken's signature Carlin quote is more apt than ever.

Related to this is a Long Island man threatening cops with "a realistic toy uzi". It doesn't specifically state that it was an airsoft gun, but it doesn't matter. The sport we love is hurt by this.

Here is an article:

Also a small NY Daily News story here:

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