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Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
Welcome aboard!! for the next couple years, you should concentrate on stockpiling a shiteload of everything you'll need other than a gun, such as BDU's, boots, and all that good stuff. L473ncy is right, your off to a good start, it's nice to have people who take the time to introduce themselves and get to know the community.
try to save up for it instead. as your only 14, you don't want to end up buying peices of your bdu that you can't fit into when your 18. save up around 1000 dollars by then and you should be golden for picking up a nice amount of gear to get you started and that you can actually end up keeping.

1000 bucks over 4 years = just over 20 bucks a month. if you can manage that, your on your way to great start.
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