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Usually no you can't use regular "safety glasses" (I assume you mean like shop glasses).

It really depends on the field and what the owners insurance covers.

Some fields may require full paintball approved mask, some just paintball goggles, others sealed ballistics, and even others ballistic glasses (shooting glasses).

Usually it's the private fields will allow sealed ballistics/ballistics.

Although TM is a good starter brand, there are other guns available (if you have the capital). CA has good externals so all you really need to do is upgrade the internals and you're good to go. TM although great internals have kind of crappy externals and your body may end up breaking in which case you'll have to get a new body (definitely not cheap, especially metal bodies). Then you can get into crazier (more expensive) brands like VFC (Vega Force Co.), Real Sword, G&P, KWA, SystemA etc.

Although what kuro says is true you don't have to dump all that money at once.

I started off with hiking boots, bdu's, a gun (off the classifieds), a few mags and some borrowed stuff. Eventually I bought more gear and stuff. Total *initial* investment was probably around $600-700, however once the smoke cleared everything probably has set me back around $1000-1200.

We don't have a problem with newbies asking legitimate questions, just ones who don't use the search function that's right there (not to mention the other million threads with the same question in the section they're posting in) and wonder why we're so "hostile" towards newbies. If you have a question you think might be answered just do a quick search and if not then post in a new thread. Thats probably one of the reasons I have a low thread count since if I have a question I usually search and read the thread in it's entirety then and only then if I have further questions or need clarification will I post. (Definition #2)
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