Thread: EAP? Why them?
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The problem with AEP's is they're weak fps. Small batteries mean they have little staying power as well. No blowback either, or if they do, then they're even weaker then normal.

GBB's fire hotter, last longer (or rather are much easier to refill) and, due to blowback, are much cooler. The only reason pretty much anyone gets a AEP is to have a sidearm for the colder months. The only way to get a good performance AEP is if you start going into the borderline smg area like mp7's or mp5k's.

Expense is a part of this sport. And anyway, a good AEP is going to be about the same cost as a good GBB and still won't have as good a performance as even a cheap GBB. As to the smell, you'll get used to it. Hell, outdoors in the heat of battle you won't even notice it.

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