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If you read the FAQ's you'll note that M4/16 and AK's are the most common so if you pick either of those you'll pretty much be good to go.

However yeah it's probably best to pick a gun and all the associated gear (chicom rig for AK or Chest rig for M4) when you're around 17 (also so that you're almost out of that growth spurt age) so when you're 18 you can just go to the classifieds and say I want that ______ and buy it.

For now the only thing I can offer you is to read around on this forum and understand the community and why things are done the way they are. I was 15 when I joined actually (made an ass of myself my first few posts but thats another story).

Really the only thing I suggest buying *right now* (that is if you have that "I want it now" urge) is stuff thats one size fits all (radio, killrag, mask/goggles etc.). Otherwise just wait till 18 and AV'ed and see if you can buy a bunch of stuff and get a deal on it (you never know some guy might be selling a bunch of stuff and offering cheaper/free shipping (or extra freebies) on multiple purchases.

Once you think you've stopped growing you can get boots, BDU's and such. Don't think about skimping out on boots and good insoles (I actually use McKinley hiking boots with "superfeet" insoles) your feet deserve it, I mean they support your weight all/most of the day, and are what help you to move around and such.
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