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There are just as many "vanity" upgrades for the TM as there are for the KSC.

There are also way more internal upgrades for the TM. Replacement parts are also way easier to find.

Performance of the TM is also better than the KSC. Blowback is also harder with the TM.

I give thumbs up to TM all the way...

Regarding 17 vs 26, the 17 has way more upgrades available than the 26.

Background for bias check: I use to be the biggest KSC Glock fan. At one point, I had 7 of them (two G18C, two G19, two G23F and one G17), but sold them all when better guns hit the market. I haven't owned a TM G17 yet, but have worked on several and they are SWEET. If I ever go back to the Glock platform and want a G17 sized frame, I would not hesitate to get a TM. I'd custom build a slide and barrel set for it, though.

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