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I wouldn't particularly blame Strider for that mistake... E-mail is a highly unsecure form of electronic submission. Your credit card data could have been intercepted at many points along the path of transmission.

I use to deal in the financial industry, and besides proprietary software that allowed encrypted transmission or secure web sites, we were never allowed to transmit or receive personal financial information electronically, as there is no other real way to transmit data securely.

If you must absolutely send credit card info and a secure web page is not available, just call the company. The $2 in long distance charges is worth the security, and it's not that expensive.

With that said, I've ordered from Strider Knives before as well and submitted my order via email, took care of all of the details and found a direct contact person and arranged a time that I could call them (I actually had them call me, which saved me long distance charges), where I then gave my credit card info over the phone.

Got my Gunner grips with no problem and no weird charges from a Wal-Mart in New Mexico. LOL.

This is just a general practice in online security that EVERYBODY should adopt.

Even sending credit card info across MSN, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, etc is STUPID.

It can be intercepted!

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