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Retailer caution: Strider Knives

(originally posted on a regional board, but copied here on the advice of fellow players)

Just a warning to anyone here who is thinking about buying someone a Strider Knife for Christmas etc.

I purchased a set of gunner grips through them for a project I am working on. The catch is that their webstore has been "coming soon" for a number of months and can't complete orders. I sent them my CC info in two separate emails. Yes, it was stupid, but I really really wanted those grips.

Surprise surprise, after doing that I had a shitload of performance parts for a Dodge charged to my card; as well as a number of adult website subscriptions.

I've let Strider know about this, but until they get a proper web store running I would advise against ordering from them, as they likely have someone on staff who is less than reputable.

*Update: Strider wouldn't return my calls or emails regarding this issue... Weak; I expected more from them when their reps use "Former USMC blah blah blah" in their email signatures.
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