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blown out (or blown in I guess is more accurate) front tooth...(and it was my favourite one too ). 4 dentist appointments down...2 more to go. The root canal was painless and I can barely notice the metal post in my tooth now...PROTECT YOURSELF GUYS! This was just a plain old shot, I had my mouth closed...hit my lip, pushed through a "plink"! broke the tooth clean in half.

I have a nice bit of scar tissue from a 350-ish contact shot. Turned a corner and the guy double tapped my bicep with his muzzle touching my arm. Didn't go sub-dermal, but it might have well have...the scar tissue looks like skin/scar healed over a bb. Fucking gross...I'm tempted to lop it off with an exacto knife and at least make it flush.

Poison Ivy...the whole team got it from the Harm's Way field. A week after playing there I was itching and scratching. My buddy called to say that he had gone to a doctor to figure out what his rash was and then called to find out if I had it. Then we called another buddy, and found out he had been off work (self quarantined) because his doctor said that it might have been ?skivies?...and he could risk infecting the rest of the precinct. After 6+ washes I was still getting a contact rash from my BDUs...ended up tossing them. A YEAR and many washes later, my buddy still got a flare up from his BDUs wearing them at the last game. If you crawl through poison ivy...toss your BDUs aftwards.

Knuckle, fingernail, bleeders...those pretty much happen every game.
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