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Originally Posted by scurvythepirate View Post
Well the reason they charge you for the shipping is because of the weight. Thats why shipping metal magaziens are more than plastic.

I havent heard all that great things about the king arms 120rd 5pc box sets for M4's (I assume).

MAG magaziens are fantastic and cheap. 8 mags for 40 130rd mid caps

EDIT: At ehobby
Thanks. But I still don't understand this:
- They want to charge me $65.00 to ship a 2-lb. Package to my house, by the slowest and cheapest method possible.
- I recently ordered a 5-lb. helmet, helmet cover, strap, and other things from the same area. They charged me $10.00 to ship it to me by Fed-Ex!

In summary, I am very fed up with these websites who try to make a profit off of shipping costs. Grr.
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