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Originally Posted by Sherbert85 View Post
My pet peeve will always be young reservists and video game players who have never seen actual real world combat talking like they know everything there is to know about war and constantly call other people down about real steel and real world warfare. Sure makes the game more fun.

Don't get me wrong here. Ive seen this to and a fair share of it at that. But as a reservist I know I for one do not act like that. I make a point to not act like that. More or less just because its just plain rude, never mind all the other negativity that goes along with attitude like that.

What does bother me is constant "elitism" I see with players. I know this is always going to be around so I deal with it but still. Just because you spend a cars worth of money on gear and guns does not make you a better player or a better person at all. Quite the opposite. It makes you a small and petty person.

I know this is beating a dead horse and all but over the last month Ive seen a few people get really bad for this. Any how that's just my 0.02
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