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When writing a review, it's best to stick to a tried and true format. Organize your thoughts into coherent topics with headers so it's easy to tell what aspect of the item you are discussing. Pictures help too.

-----Kokanee's Krash Kourse in Reviewing------- (KKK, uh oh, that can't be good!)

Just like English essays, your review should have an introduction, a middle, and an end (conclusion). Try something like;

1. Intro - What you are reviewing, motivation to buy it, realsteel history etc (you didn't mention until well into your review what shotgun you were referring to)

2. Buying experience - Shipping, packaging, retailer experience.

Build quality - How well constructed the item is. Discuss materials used in construction.

3. Performance - FPS, reliability, feeding problems etc.

4. Conclusion - Summarize the above points and include your final thoughts

5. Rating - Break things down buy topic if you wish, give every section a rating out of 5 or just rate the item overall.



My final point, you win a big giant bucket of FAIL for reviewing a cheap Wal-Mart-type item here on ASC. You want to head on over to instead, it's where all the minors who buy those things hang out to chat and review video games before they come out.
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