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Banana in the classifieds

There seem to be an increasing amount of people missing the point / not reading the rules, so here's a gentle reminder:

When an item in the classifieds gets sold, ADD banana to the original post.

  • Uselessly bump your thread with BANANA

  • Replace the price with SOLD or BANANA

  • Erase the whole post and replace it with SOLD or BANANA

There's no need to make "banana" red or bold (you can if you want, it won't change anything: mods/admins just search for the word banana). Feel free to add "banana" to your thread title, sometimes its easier to spot when we aren't searching for threads to clean and it'll show other users that the item is already sold.

Also please remember you're only allowed one bump per week (7 calender days), therefor you should only bump your thread on the 8th day. DO NOT bump your thread with BANANA. DO NOT bump your thread with SPF. DO NOT bump your thread with "pictures added"/"price drop"/"omfg buy my shitznit." Early bumps will result in an infraction.
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