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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
They annoy the fuck out of me too...

But what annoys me more are the spoiled kids down in the US that get their parents to buy them full metal Classic army guns and they post videos of themselves using it with their freinds in the backyard with some sort of petty 'review' on it.
YES!!!! and they don't know what there talking when reviewing especialy when there screwing with the gun unsafley.

1 more to add about American airsofters is how the kids think there better players than us canadian folk. Err i can hear it now. "hay noob i can woop ur ass cause i own a real steal CA wile you have the clear version, im clearly better than you cause i paid more and younger!! and im also better at manuvering cause my daddys a retired sniper from the us army so i clearly took all his skills in genetics......

i swear if that ever happens......... i don't know what im going to do.

but in honesty canada owns the usa in airsoft play but not product

wile scotland and the rest of them are better than both possibly
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