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Agm m4 gbbr

Some of the information on this thread is from third party sources while other is from personal research.

I will add more to this thread as i find new things (still a LOT of parts coming in to try).

AATV Youtube Review:
YouTube - AATV Video Review: AGM M4 Gas Blowback

GasGuns.Info Review:

Known Problems:
Weak nozzle. Breaks after a couple hundred rounds.
Magazines (1st Gen) usually leak gas.
Weak hop up unit. Breaks after a couple hundred rounds.
Bolt catch is fiddly (some work, other don't work, especially 1st gen).
~400fps out of box, not gamable in most Canadian fields.

Multiple companies offer aftermarket parts for the AGM to make it a more reliable platform to game. Every month we see new companies/parts poping out on the market. Sources say the Chinese cloners are currently working on parts for a cheaper solution than Ra-Tech or G&P.

Bolt Carriers:
The first thing to look at is the bolt carrier. Ra-Tech offers different solutions to make the AGM more gamable. Any of the options bellow will let you adjust the FPS of your AGM to make it gamable.


RAG-AGM--001 (NPAS Tool Set) $60USD

RAG-WA-bolt014 (Complete bolt solution, silver) $260USD

RAG-WA-bolt-015 (Complete bolt solution, dim grey) $260USD

G&P has just came out with a NPAS style bolt carrier. It has not been tested AFAIK.

RedWolfCustoms also make a 'light' bolt carrier ($105-$115USD). Be warned it needs to be sanded/dremeled to work properly (toward the end of the bolt, its oblivious if you shoot it a couple times). Because of that, i do not recommend it as a drop in.

RWC Silver Bolt Carrier:
RWC Matte Silver Bolt Carrier:
RWC Black Bolt Carrier:

You will need a nozzle:
Pro-Arms Hi-Power Loading Nozzle

Hop Up/Tightbore:
The hop up is very weak, if a double feed occurs it will usually break the hop up or the nozle. G&P, Prime and Pro-Arms have you covered.


#1 G&P WA Hop Up + Tightbore (Any 1 of those) $67USD

#2 Prime Hop Up (You will need a tightbore) $74USD
Hop Up that takes any AEG tightbore
Hope Up that takes WA tightbore

Pro-Arms Adjustable Hop Unit
+Guarder Hard Type Hop Bucking
+KM 6.04mm TN barrel for M4

Buffer + Buffer Spring
The AGM buffer/buffer spring is weak and isn't as smooth as it should. G&P and Ra-Tech have made drop in replacement.

G&P offers a couple different kits that are drop in and offer different recoil strength. Any of those fit drop in and work much better (even under water!).

G&P Silver Buffer + Buffer Spring (HHR) 'heavy recoil' $16USD
G&P Black Buffer + Buffer Spring 'normal recoil $16USD

Ra-Tech has their own WA style buffer/buffer spring, its a drop in:
RAG-WA-stock-001 'Summer' $10USD

RAG-WA-stock-002 'Winter' $10USD

*Lower (G&P Anti-Rotation Links, G&P Steel Bolt Catch)
*RAS/RIS Compability
*Dimensions (flash hider threading, stock tube, threading sizes/direction, etc)
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