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Stock TM springs shoot around low are you looking for? The spring chart, if its the same one I think it is, is based on a TM P90 with top end enhancements. I believe it was Illusion who made the chart and the AEG in question had an airseal nozzle, tightbore, enhanced hopup rubber, P90 hopup (amazing hopup design, much better than most), ported piston head, and a pile of other bits. All these things add to the airseal and thus efficiency off the springs. Generally for an M4A1 sized gun with low to moderate internal enhancements you will see the following fps':

M90 ~300fps
M100 ~340fps
M110 ~370fps
M120 ~410fps

Prometheus also makes an M85 spring but I have never used one and several companies make 1J springs which are, in a perfect world, 328fps. You can also always cut some loops off a spring to reduce its strength but keep in mind the lower power the spring, the slower the piston returns to its forward position, the lower your ROF has to be in order to avoid having the gears engage the piston before its all the way back (which pretty much kills your piston in one shot.)
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