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Originally Posted by lokisama View Post
Nobody was talking about 5.1 kit. Heck this thread is titled 'SAS strike kit for Hi-Capa 4.3'.
For some reason you assumed that everyone was talking about 5.1 kit on a a 5.1 frame with a 4.3 slide [WTF lol] and spread false information yourself.

Oh man...

I didn't know of the 4.3 kit, neither did the other OP or the 2nd guy, if the 2nd guy knew of the 4.3 kit he would've told the OP about it instead of saying "I think you need to mount it on a 5.1 frame with a 4.3 slide" which is why I said what I said and posted that pic there, in the absence of a 4.3 kit it was a safe assumption dont you think?
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