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Are you talking about this statement? Because it is absolutely correct.
Originally Posted by theguy View Post
I belive you have to mount it on a 5.1 with a 4.3 slide
Nowhere in his post does he mention a 5.1 sas kit.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
what I am disputing is how you can say that for a 5.1 kit you need to put it on a 5.1 frame with a 4.3 slide which is false information,

scroll back a page

the OP started talking about a 5.1 kit as it was all he could find, someone else said that he needed to put that 5.1 kit on a 5.1 frame with a 4.3 slide, at that point of the conversation, no one was talking about 4.3 kits as it's existence was not revealed until you joined in
Nobody was talking about 5.1 kit. Heck this thread is titled 'SAS strike kit for Hi-Capa 4.3'.
For some reason you assumed that everyone was talking about 5.1 kit on a a 5.1 frame with a 4.3 slide [WTF lol] and spread false information yourself.
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