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Another 3 Burst ShotGun Review!!!

hay guys i recently came into getting this gun so lets start off with a few things

Real Steal History

Benelli Armi SpA is an Italian firearm manufacturer founded in 1967, located in Urbino, Italy, most well known for high quality shotguns used by military, law enforcement and civilians all over the world. Particularly famous is the Benelli M3 12 gauge, used extensively by American SWAT teams. Benelli recently introduced the Benelli M4 Super 90, an unusual gas operated semi-automatic shotgun intended for military use in urban warfare. Benelli and Benelli USA have been owned by Pietro Beretta since 2000.[1]

Benelli Armi was founded in 1967 as an offshoot of the Benelli motorcycle factory who was sold motorcycles through Montgomery Wards.

Many Benelli shotguns utilize a unique inertia operating system developed by Bruno Civolani.

The Benelli Super Black Eagle, a favorite of waterfowlers, was one of the first semi-automatic shotguns capable of firing the 2.75, 3, and 3.5 inch shotgun shells. The Benelli Nova (pump action), M1 Super 90, and a customized M2 Field are used by Tom Knapp during his shooting exhibitions wherein he will frequently shoot down several hand-thrown clay targets while they're all still in mid-air, setting a world record in October 2004 when he destroyed 10 such targets with 10 shots in 2.0 seconds, with all the targets still airborne.

Ok now lets get started


BB Weight- 0.2g

length- 25 inch

barrel length- 13 inch

Aprox range; 50-70ft effectivly

Material- Plastic/Rubber with some metal

This gun comes with 2 30 round shells a speedloader and a sling. I tested the sling and it can be used perfectly with this gun, Running with it on my back just to be sure.

Now i beleve i did get a lemon on this one but ill get to that later

The gun feels sturdy and surprized me when i first held it. Compared to the Tf-11's build material this gun is made with better plastic. The grip on both the barrel and handle are plastic but it feels very rubbery and soft.

Theres a slight wobble on the pump but i assume most shot guns are like this.

the metal parts on this gun are. Rear sight, Sling mount, Shell ejector (thing that holds shell in place) And the Pump Guide.

The shells are plastic and look like the real deal saying "Warning" and some other stuff.

Now about the lemon part as you know the gun shoots 3 bb's right well not mine with every pump it shoots about 4-7 with each shot. Now this is not the shells problem because my buddie bought 1 that works fine it must be the gun. Though it does shoot 4-7 it does get about the same range as it shooting 3 its just less accurate mimicing a real shotgun

a tiny diagram on what mine is shooting compared to my friends

normal 3-
Range- 6/10

Accuracy- 3.5/10

Out of 10

Weight- 8
Feel- 8
Compatiblility-10 (compatibility meaning you can stick Tm parts on it)
Durability-7 (it will stand up to some abuse but if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you)

Now there is one problem i encountered when using this gun. When pumping if you pull to one side it will crack a tiny piece of the frame not obstructing performance just a pain

Though this gun is made by crossman the performance is slightly better than the TM in accuracy. This is based on another member of the board who has both and stated himself.

worth the money?

well i wasn't expecting much esspecialy from crossman but this thing is way beyond what i expected for my 135$ with tax. Its great for CQB and it gives a new way to reload very fun.

though i reccomend that you use polished bb's or else it will reck your shells no using the cheap stuff.

I don't reccomend using 0.12's but it works fine indoors and the bb's don't kick up that bad unless the wind is there

in all its a great little toy esspecialy if you want to buy your first shotgun.

use 0.2+ outdoors and use 0.12g-0.2g indoors to save some money.

Another downside and thats you have to keep track of ur shots or else a 3 burst dryfire is very hard on the gun.

Hope you find this at least remotly helpful


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