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1. just paint it yourself, there's tons of DIY camouflage on google and youtube, you can do it for under 20$ , 3 colors. The Well MB05 is super easy to dissassemble. There's like 3 hexagone screws under the gun, inside 3 holes.

2. It can shoot pellets , but you have to put them one by one without the magazine, you have to pull the bolt first and then ensure the pellet is sitted well. Though , of course, no one would suggest you to do such thing

3. Springs are extremely easy to replace. There's like a screw behind the bolt...unscrew it and everything will fall apart (the bolt and the spring and cyclinder and everything...) watch out for the grease.

4. Just shoot at useless boxes (monitors, computers, tv's ...) and fill it with some books and a piece of very thin wood (useless) so you can be sure it wont go through the box.
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