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Originally Posted by ErichK View Post
thanks all for the quick reply

as for how deep my pockets are not very. Ive set myself a 1500 limit to start of with something close to a good gun and equipment.

So well I'm on that subject I have come up with this list any suggestions would be great cause I'm buying from reviews and such.

ICS-48 S.I.R. $509.00

King Arms M4/M16 (10pc) $98.00(Plastic) x2

Hurricane 552 Replica Red/Green $199.00

Wasatch Chest Rig $160.99

Total 1039.99

It takes too long to earn another 1500 so i would like to get stuff right the first time.
Dont Mean to nit-pick, but you can spend alot less. And I also have some suggestions.

1.Why do you need 20 magazines, you can probably carry 15 max, and they arent going to break, so I'd just buy 10 for now, and see how it goes.

2.Your paying to much for both the magazines and the Eotech. As I stated the Star Magaziens I will be purchasing are 10 for $30, good price.

Also you can buy a good quality Eotech, such as a King ARms or G&P, I've heard that the Hurricane has terrible ghosting and is very dim.

G&P 80-110, King Arms, 100-150
Correct me if I am wrong.
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