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I guess this would be off topic, but following a sub-topic within the thread.

Well, I must say I have only shot about 1000 rounds and have already found a *Brain. It was a lucky find as it was the last BB to into a mag from a speed loader. I have a pic of mine that I will pop up later.

Am I to understand that damage could happen because of *Brains? to rip the hop-up bucking, dust up the hop-up or barrel?

I wonder if MetalTech extends the same *Warranty for *Brains. I doubt I would reach out for the offer as I know that manufacturing process of such small items cannot be perfect and that these annomolies will happen. I got me an albino chipmunk brain.

I am looking forward to when BB Bastards are available and picking up a few bags. I have been buying MetalTech .25g @ $0.0067 per BB and BB Bastards look to be $0.005 per BB from ASC, before shipping. Is there anybody on the West Coast/Vancouver that is a distributor or BB Bastards?
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