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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
The one thing I didn't like about putting the pistol/mags in the front (i.e. on bib, in a front pouch, forward mounted molle on rig) was laying in the muck with it. More than once we were laying in swampy depressions and I was thinking..."this can't be good for my gas pistol".
Small of back using molle adapter and RH serpa holster for left hand draw. This is how I ran my backup pistol...It stayed locked in position (serpa) and never got dirty when I hit the dirt. I pulled it once under fire and 3 times to hand to a teammate. A rear mount gave me the option to draw with my left even though the holster is a right hand model. Very secure.

Here is a shot from the last game...I am in MC on the right.

Just another option.

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