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Originally Posted by BrokenBird View Post
With my monkey long arms a belt holster is not an ideal position for me (I am 6'2"). So a dropleg is my choice.

I presume you are still retaining human preportions.. so relative .. your belt line is in the same place as mine..

I have long arms as well I'm 6 foot and have a 6'2 reach...and I have no issues with a belt rig.. it's just a matter of what you are used to and have trained.

In CQB I find that the need for a pistol is very immediate as in NOW

In the field.. I have not had to draw my pistol in an emergency.. its usually more of a Choice and I can take the time to get it.

I see lots of Drop leg rigs in the field but as I said.. most have had a bad event with them that ends up moving their pistol higher on their load
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