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We see drop leg rigs in use more and more often in the real world.. as guys load more and more armour and gear on the upper body a belt holster becomes impractical.

The likelyhood that they will find themselves prone and crawling in a semi urban environment reduces the liabilities of a drop leg rig.

But this is AS .. so there are different issues

1. Everyone I know that has ever lost a pistol or found it full of sand/ mud when they went for it ... was running a drop leg rig

2. most people wear their grop leg rigs too low.. the pistol grip should be at or just below the hip socket This way the grip is at a stationary point on the body in motion and you can always find it.

Personally.. I wear drop leg rigs for CQB But never in the field .. I typically wear a belt holster with a flap retention, ( oldschool CF issue ) on my first line. or I put my sidearm in my most right most mag pocket on my chest rig.
Mags for the pistol go on the first line.. with one at easy access on the second line.

Sometime when I run a heavy assault Chest rig ( warlord ) Ill put the sidearm ( a compact single stack pistol ) in the rear side zip pouch .. it stays put there.. and I'm a zip and a clutch from shots downrange.
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