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I'm running a Blackhawk dropleg, but after a dive in a ditch (and a 3 hours cleanup job afterwards), I moved it higher near the hip.

I'm now looking to go Serpa too, either on the first line or on the vest, depending if its outdoor or indoor.

And I never run a magazine in the holster's mag pouch, simply because the rig is on my left leg (You guessed, I'm a south paw) and going for a mag change with your right hand trying to reach your left thigh while being engaged or just trying to keep eye contact on the opposition is not fast nor easy.

Run mag pouches on your belt, on your opposite side from the firing one, faster, easier. I find that mag pouches for pistols on vests usually end up to high on the chest for them to be pratical, I use them for secondary items like a pen, a cigar, flashlight, kill glowstick, etc.

Having the holster and the mags on the belt also means that , for any reasons, if I want to ditch the vest, I don't need to transfer the mags, they're already in place.

My 2 cents
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