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I've gone through several different holsters over the years, here's my experience:

Drop legs are great in CQB are when you don't crawl through the brush too much. They all seem to move around on my leg and even when hooked up to a good belt, they never stay at the right height. I've tried many drop legs, and the only one I've found that's worth a damn is the Seals Action Gear universal.

I have a molle pistol holster that I placed on the side of my LBV, directly under my right arm (I'm right handed). The draw was a little long, but with practice I got used to it. The only real problem was re-holstering took quite a bit of effort, I now use it to hold a second pistol if the day/game/scenerio calls for it. Cross draw is out of the question for me as I crawl/lay prone a lot and would damage the pistol.

I tried a drop leg Serpa, but ran into the same issue of the holster moving around too much on my leg. I've since gone back to the Serpa but now I have it on a belt placed at my hip. Works great so far.. I also keep mags on the front of my vest.. no issues there at all.

EDIT: The next best thing to a Serpa in my opinion is my belt mounted leather WWII holster for my 1911. Protects the pistol and draws/returns are quick. A little hot water to form it to the pistol and you're all set. Looks bad ass old school too!
Hope that helps.
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