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Originally Posted by Slono View Post
Hm. Are leg drops a mobility hindrance assuming you are USING the pistol? So basically is an empty leg drop holster (but with 1 mag in the extra pouch) annoying to run around with?

*Off topic*:Have you been on the field at Bingeman's? I was just there at the water park with some friends and it was hella fun, and I noticed the paintball field but didn't know it was used for airsoft as well.
again, I think its all oppinion.

The last game i went to, i forgot part of my drop leg, so i had my pistol mounted somewhere in my vest, I didn't really notice it as much, and i felt like running was less of an issue.

Also, yea, thats flagraiders, theres a game every other tuesday night and soemtimes on weekends too
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