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Originally Posted by built4acuracy View Post
i just bought this gun and was wondering a few things...

1. can you buy a digital camo body for this or is it better to paint it that way?
2. some people say it shoots pellets well, while others dont....what is your opinion and any pointer i should know...
3. are the springs easy to replace
4. what types of targets do you use with this gun? i am looking for a reliable, stable target for a decent budget...

any help would be great. the sniper is on its way in the mail and ready to get started working with it but never use this style of gun before. thanks!
Nice necro sounds like you want to use this gun as a plinker...if that's the case, I'd suggest you get a pellet gun instead. They're much more accurate, powerful and for a fraction of the cost to boot.
As for targets, just make one yourself. Here's an example: If you do get a pellet gun, you may need a better target...a cardboard box full of old books/notepads and other junk (soft junk) should work well.

Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
I could never stop going to WalMart. Its the only place I can get good airsoft guns.
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