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Transportation and concealment.

Since the more experienced among you obviously know an answer to this question, I suppose there's no better place to ask it than here.

Now I own a CA M15A4 carbine. The receiver, magazine, barrel and parts of the RIS are made of metal. The Criminal Code of Canada would classify it as a "replica firearm". I've never been to an Airsoft game before, but I sure as hell didn't spend $750 and wait three months on the acquisition of this rifle just to plink at cans in my basement.

Now I couldn't sit on a bus or take the subway with something that looked like an M16 variant across my knees. If the first volley of bullets didn't kill me, then the tasers would. Unfortunately (And largely due to laziness on my part) I don't drive yet. So if I'm forced to walk any distance or take public transportation on my way to an Airsoft game, I could use some help on concealing and transporting my weapon in a way that would rouse the least amount of suspicion and give my ass the highest amount of coverage if the SHTF.

I'm a careful man. I've got no criminal record. I'm planning on a stint in the military, followed by a career as a police officer. I know, I know. I've chosen the wrong hobby.

I still really, really love Airsoft and would love to become an active member of the community. Oh thou members of ASC who've been to more games than you can count on your fingers, I need your wisdom.
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Ronan again attempted to troll,
He has delusions of being droll,
but along comes a chap
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Thank God for Arthraxis, bless his soul.

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