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Originally Posted by Eclipse1 View Post
I was wondering if it is possible to buy these separatly, or even just a regular clear receiver, without looking in the classifieds?

and i am 16, ftw... but that doesn't mean i go flaunting my gun everywhere for some old lady to call the cops on me... i have a little more common sense than that. I know a metal receiver is out of the question, so thats why i'm turning to the next best thing...

any help would be appreciated.

thank you

All "technicalities" aside, I have never seen a clear or tinted receiver offered for sale, anywhere. I doubt there'd even be much of a market for it as players tend to upgrade from plastic bodies to metal when the plastic ones break. Even at that point, a receiver is a receiver, clear, tinted, black ABS or metal. They are all treated the same here. Off limits until you are Age Verified. Not sorry, that's the way it is here.
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