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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
Yeah, and your about 200 feet away laughing until I hand it to you and say "Way to shoot yours hmm?"
Not any worse than what I did to my best friend Troy in high school, we went downhill skiing one night, I snuck up a couple cans of beer, we went to an off-side trail to drink, he said he had to piss before drinking, I took the cans out of my jacket, placed one unopened on in the snow in front of me, then put my ski pole above his can, said "Hey fucker, bet you can't hit my ski pole with your piss." He said "Pffft, that's easy!" and proceded to piss on my ski pole, covering the can with it. I laughed and puled my ski pole away, he called me an asshole, grabbed a handful of snow and wiped the top down, opened it and said "Cheers!!!" and we chugged while trying not to laugh.
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