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Two words could describe how I typically play.

Exploitative. Unconventional.

I'm just one guy, not terribly good at hitting targets, but quite wonderful at not getting shot. I'll take up a large part of the enemy resources and attention, allowing my team to advance rather easily. In divide and conquer, I am the divider. I think my crowning achievement in this case was at the old Mirkwood field in Windsor. I managed to stave off Fuzzhead, Trufret and Matt by dropping my gear and running in idiotic circles screaming "LEEEEROOOOOY JENKINS." Effectively, that occupied 60% of the opponents' fire.

On the other biggest strength is often becoming utterly invisible when I need to be. At Lot152 in Windsor, I managed to crawl about 400m through rather impassable terrain, carrying my FAMAS G2 and one spare mag. I made it past six enemies without them seeing me (didn't want to kill, I was going for another objective.) I didn't quite make it, but I took two down before they got me. Another example is the ambush scenario we play at the SIR field in Victoria. I hid 2m off the path and wasn't seen. (After 2 years on the bench, that was a good giggle for me.)

These days I have been moving steadily towards a style of play that focuses on volume of fire. Sort of a demolition role. When I saw the new AI 'nades coming out, I became a bucket of giggle. I'm using far heavier weapons now, lots of shells for my M203, lots of tornados, adding claymores to this list. It's atypical for me to carry so much gear, but I wanted to try something new. So if it goes POW, I wants it.

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