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I like to do it "by the book" with my team, using well practiced military drills. When coordination begin to fail, due to being paired with non team members or taking too many casualys, I like to rely on buddy team work. Panzer and me make the best buddy team IMO. Together, we know what the other will do and we are just fluid and effective. Putting constant fire on the ennemy while we manuver to get close/away. Just the two of us can effectively fix and destoy a larger force of uncoordinated players. (Hey... it was said that bragging was allowed here... and it's true!)

When sniping, I have more success alone, or paired with other effective sniper. Jixton and I make a good sniper team. He is very quiet and observant in the wood. He is a natural hunter (and a real hunter too). I don't have to tell him where to hide and how to find a good spot, he knows and we just wrap up the kills together.

If I'm sniping along, I'm the cautious guy. I take my time and I won't hesitate to crawl several meters using only my nails to move. I like to observe and kill my target when my shot won't be traced back.

So my way is: If it's not done with team work and tactics, it's just like playing paintball with better guns.

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