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Don't have one style. Gotta adapt to win. But I often choose the most agressive plan of attack.
I'm fast as hell so I like to sprint.
If I can get really far upfield on the whistle, the other team usually thinks they're safe without knowing I'm already inside their zone. Makes for great ambushes.

I love just going berserk on groups of docile campers. Squad movement makes it easy for me to get you. Especially if they're distracted by other opponents.

I also like doing the stealth thing. I keep my kit slim and light. Nothing on the legs.I am thin and very flexible so I can hide in tiny spaces and get into places others can't. I don't need camo. I wear solid black and bare arms and I'm still invisible. And I (like most T.W.A.T.s) will go through stuff others won't even consider to gain an advantage.
The times I rock the hardest are when I get my blood pumping and I just start running on instinct. Then you're fucked.

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