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Well my style of play is mostly team work based. If im with a small group thats when my maximum performance is basicaly around. Im kinda the type of player that goes by the textbook sorte of speak.

one time i was storming my buddie with my TF-11 and had to switch to my shotgun (3 burst) Doing the whole gears runn. Pulled out my shells and i forgot to reload them from the game earlyer, guess i learned my lession.

A wile back i gamed my thundermaul using .2s and it was realy windy, i mean like high seas windy. Anyway my buddie was stationed bhind this fallen tree bunker about 80ft away and i tried to lit him up but missed due to the wind. i aimed to the left and all my shots got carried by the wind and it curve shoted and nailed him on the side of his mask.
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